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    Made in Maine - Lobster T by L.L.Bean

    Menswear News - L.L.Bean to launch made in the USA apparel collection Fall 2012.

    Own a piece of baseball and L.L.Bean history - Limited Edition L.L.Bean Boat and Totes made from the Fenway Park infield rain tarp.  Only 2,012 made to celebrate L.L.Bean’s and Fenway’s 100th anniversaries.  Available June 12, 9:00AM by calling 800-554-4072 - Made in Maine :)

    Watch and discover the reason people LOVE their Bean Boots.

    Urban Hipster Alert!  Black-on-Black Bean Boot. 

    L.L.Bean Signature O-Ring Belt.  Hand-sewn with love by L.L.Bean in our Brunswick, Maine factory.

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